21 Mar

Sooooo, I blacked out today during class.  During the cool down.  Fortunately for me, we were on our knees and were stretching our chest with our heads all the way back.  I guess that changed my blood pressure enough for my body to be unhappy.  I did not hit the floor.  So it was not actually fainting.  Just blacking out. Which is also fortunate for me because I was SUBBING!  Can you imagine your sub hitting the deck?

Tracks 7 (lunge) and 8 (shoulders) were spent with spells of “where I am?” and “why is the room getting so dark?”  But nothing like this where I truly wondered where I had just been in the moments prior.

So I just need wisdom to know whether teaching is idiotic or still what I should do.  I will call my doctor tomorrow and find out.

Update on my meds:  So far, I have taken the new medication on two Fridays.  The rest of the week I take the antidote to it.  I have felt pretty horrible on the 4 days after taking it.  By Wed of last week and Thurs, I felt more like the regular Lupus me.  I am hoping for that again this week.  And for every week to get better and better……  🙂  I even had about 3 hours of feeling NORMAL!!!

Speaking of that medication, I am so annoyed with something.  One of the big National Health Institute websites lists precautions for it.  Get this- it is a drug used historically for treating cancer and in the first line of precautions was that it can actually CAUSE cancer.  Really?  So suffering cancer patients can actually GET cancer from the drug they are using to treat them?!?!  Huh????  I know, medicine is not perfect.  That just seemed wrong to me.  Venting over.


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