Marinara and Pomegranates

25 Jan

Have you ever had an addiction?  As in something you think about both day and night.  And really can’t get it off or your mind?

Now if you read this, you know I am a chocoholic and a foodie to the core.  And I have been pregnant twice. So I GET cravings.

But this…well, it is different.  And it has only happened with two things.  And both within the last few months.  My homemade marinara and pomegranate seeds (separately).  I start eating them and then literally can’t stop. I shovel them in my mouth until the food is all gone and then lick the bowl and then go to the store for more.  And have it for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner, all while not being able to get the flavors out of my head.

I have deduced that they must contain something my body really, really needs.  Because it is certainly not normal.  Anti-oxidants?  Lycopene?  Btw, I will make do with a jar of marinara (can you imagine how many I have been going through?).  But my homemade stuff rocks my world.

I don’t really want to admit it, but the other day, I was so desperate that I woke up and scoured my fridge and freezer for a way to get my fix.  I ended up with roasted squash and then smothered it in marinara.  For breakfast.  And it made my heart happy. My kids gag, but my heart happy.

One side note, pomegranates are crazy expensive.  So I just have to look at them and salivate.  I should buy the juice, I suppose.  But it is the little seeds that burst in my mouth and that I get to crunch on that make me giddy.

My mouth is watering right now….


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