If you don’t have anything nice to say….

14 Jan

This has been the worst 3 weeks yet for me.  In addition to all of the normal symptoms, I have stomach pain that never goes away.  I feel like crap anyway, and then add on this and I am just plain struggling.  So really, I avoid writing because I don’t want to be a complainer.  I have nothing nice to say…at least about my health.

I eat vegan, I feel sick.  I avoid gluten, I feel sick.  I avoid dairy and corn, the same.  I do think I MAY feel worse when eating these things, but not too sure.  How is a girl to know?

So here are some really good things that I can focus on:

We LOVE our new puppy!  Talk about pet therapy!  I find myself on the floor with her playing or just hugging and petting her.  The kids adore her.  And Lucky, well, he is pretty smitten, too!

(For my own journaling, I am on a small dosage of Prednisone until March, when I see Dr. Wickersham again.  Pleurisy, stomach problems, extreme fatigue, trembling, light sensitivity, spots on scalp, joint pain.)


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