Let there be (less) light!

2 Jan

Fluorescent light is REALLY getting me.  It makes me feel horrible.  Almost as bad as the sun does.  Next time you go in to Target, please notice how many freakin’ lights there are!!  For years, I have walked in there and felt funny.  It is good to now know why.    And my kitchen is also a place where I often freeze up and feel confused and horrible.  Yep, fluorescent lighting.

You would think that Luck and I would have noticed this connection before. Instead, we just thought that it was just a room where I was juggling too many things and so happened to always have issues in there.  But now, as soon as I feel that way, I can turn the light off and get relief. Unfortunately, I can’t cook in the dark!  So using the lights is a must.  Hopefully, replacing that light box (as beautiful as it is!) will jump up on our priority list.

Too bad we invested in all those expensive light bulbs all over the house.  Stupid fluorescent lights!

Chances are good that if you see me confused and struggling, look up…there will be those lights!  And chances are good I will be wearing a hat and glasses inside.  🙂  Now if I can only get Gold’s Gym to change out their lighting!!  I struggle with confusion during BodyPump.  Not boot camp.  Why?  I teach boot camp with the lights off and the disco lights on!


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