2 Jan

This is the worst flare I have had since diagnosis.  I think I am coming out of it.  Thanks to steroids again (Prednisone).  But it has been pretty brutal.  Still curious if going off my vegan diet caused me to flare, made the flare worse, or had no effect.  Time will tell as I begin again eating that way again.

As I puff up from the meds, yet again, I am reminded that my worth does not come from how fat my face and fingers are.  And I am reminded how blessed I am that I have family and friends that jump in to help.  And that my abilities to be a good mom are not based on doing everything and doing it perfectly, but on being there.  Even asleep on the couch or laying half awake…they just like me there. To hug them and kiss them and tell them I am proud.

God’s grace is sufficient for me.


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