Food ideas for the whole family.

14 Nov

Want to try crispy kale?  My picky eater even liked it!

Preheat oven to 375.  Rinse, dry, and chop kale.  I removed the thick stem.  Place kale on a sheet pan and toss in olive oil and sea salt and freshly cracked pepper.  Be generous.  I also used a garlic press and held it right over the kale.  I tossed it in with my hand.  Then bake for 15 minutes.  If it is crunchy, it is ready!  Feel free to eliminate the garlic.  They will be more kid friendly that way.

What about roasted sweet potatoes?

Preheat oven to 425.  Peel sweet potatoes and then chop into french fry type slices.  Toss in olive oil and s and p.  Roast until the edges are turning brown and it is getting crispy.  Call them fries, and your kids will love you 🙂

Or try this for a tasty avocado dip:

Take frozen mangoes and pineapples.  Throw a few in your food processor.  Add some freshly squeezed lime juice and sea salt and pepper. Process.  Then add an avocado or two and blend on pulse. Keeping as many chunks as you like.  Taste for seasonings.  Serve with a spoon or with Beanitos or even tortilla chips.  This keeps really well in the fridge if you cover with saran wrap, pressing the wrap against the dip. All four of us ate this last week for a meal.  Dani was hesitant until she saw the other 3 of us talking about how great it was.  Then she dug in and liked it, too!  Don’t under season, though!

Have you ever tried Beanitos?  They are chips.  But they are made of black beans and some rice.  They are sooooooo good!!!  The kids love them.

Today, we served all four of us the carrot, split pea, leek soup I talked about in the last post.  I knew going in to it that it would be a long shot to get the kids to even try the soup.  So before we sat down, I told them both that I would give them a square of my beloved chocolate if they finished their bowls.  This chocolate that I was offering is nothing to take lightly and they KNEW it!  For this is “Mama’s Chocolate.”  They know better than even asking for some.  My current favorite is this:

Amazingly, Reid dug in, rubbing his tummy saying, “yummy!”  Naturally, Daniella was a bit more apprehensive.  But the dark chocolate compelled her.  AND THEY BOTH ATE!  A victory in the Smith house.  Now no, they did not finish their bowls.  But they ate it.  With good attitudes.  So they got to share a square.

Don’t give up on your kids (or you!) eating healthy.  Just encourage, reward, and CONSTANTLY place healthful foods in front of them.  Often times it is reward enough for us to be so proud of the way they are eating.  And research shows over and over that simply placing it in front of them will lead to them eventually trying it and eating it.  Today called for the big guns.  And no, they won’t be coming out again any time soon. I am a bit possessive of that stuff!


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