A sweet clarification

14 Nov

If you read my previous posts from today, I don’t want the wrong idea to come across.

We are only partly health nuts over here. Yes, the kids eat some weird things that I force them to. BUT….

-Sonic slushes are a favorite afterschool treat.  They don’t get them often.  But they get them.  I think Happy Hour is ingenious.  My goal is to switch from the blue coconut and strawberry ones that they order and move to the real fruit juice ones.  Yes, the juice is still mixed with the all sugar slush mix.  But it is not high fructose corn syrup mixed with all sugar slushy mix.  One step less bad?

-They love kids meals. Sonic, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, ChicFilA.

-I love to bake. So there is no lack of real treats around here, either.

Alright, I feel better. As I was falling asleep a few minutes ago, I keep jolting up worried that I sounded all high and mighty.  There is a real competition among moms. Which mom packed the healthiest lunch at a picnic get together?  Whose kids got fruit instead of fries with their happy meals?  Never spoken.  Ever.  But there. Definitely there.

I walk the line.  I often give in to the fries and drinks when we are with other people.  I don’t want them to resent their peers and then leave my home and then go hog wild with bad foods.  But we balance it out at home.  Sometimes.  Other times our family goes out and gets a giant nacho platter from Habaneros and devours every bit of it.  And I will admit, I look at what other moms feed their kids.  But the bottom line is that they eat well and hopefully in the end, will make healthy choices for themselves b/c they know that good foods can taste great AND make you feel great.

Okay, I feel better now 🙂


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