7 Nov

Recently, I have heard of people controlling their Lupus through their diet.  I have wanted to jump on the bandwagon, but frankly, did not have the brainpower to figure it out.

In steps Jen.  We met one day in the cry room when we were nursing our now 6 year olds. We instantly had a friendship because we both had degrees in nutrition, which is a rare thing!  And our babies were 8 days apart. And we both had a 3 year old daughters,as well. (Nevermind that she had one in between..she is crazy like that)

Today, we are both exercise instructors and foodies.  And we keep each other sane…or insane!  And we both wanted to do this detox/eat clean diet to see if we could make our insides healthier.  But honestly, I can’t think through much.  I have a fuzzy brain still.  Reading a book about such things (which up until now, I consumed nutrition books like candy) would be like telling me to scale a wall.  Not gonna happen.

So Jen spent a lot of her time making a Power Point presentation for me! She detailed how we were going to eat, why we should eat this way, what to avoid, recipes to follow, and much more.  And she e-mailed it to me so that when I was ready, I could open it up and get started.  It all made perfect sense nutritionally.

So I started full on. I don’t just kind-of start this sort of thing, I go crazy hard core.  I started on Thursday.  Today is Sunday.

Here is a sample of what I ate yesterday and today:


Breakfast: Coffee, then a shake (made of frozen peaches, almond milk, almond butter, cacao powder, and ice).

Lunch: Chipotle (Bowl with black beans, veggies, carnitas and guac only.  Hindsight, I would have left out the meat as I did not enjoy that part too much.)

Dinner: Gazpacho (made of frozen pineapple, an avocado, the juice of a lime, sea salt, and ancho chili powder-YUM!)

I also snacked on some almonds, some broccoli and hot tea throughout the day.


Breakfast: Coffee and a green shake (Kale leaf, green apple, small cucumber, spinach, celery stalk, splash of apple juice, ground almonds, water and ice. Sounds gross, right?  I LOVED it!).

Lunch: La Madeleine rotisserie chicken with double green beans

Dinner: Roasted sweet potatoes with olive oil, sea salt, and pepper, and fresh blackberries.  Oh, and a pear.

Today, I snacked on almonds and hot tea.

The general idea is that 2 meals a day are raw.  So cold gazpacho soups and shakes or raw fruits and veggies are the options.  Then one meal per day is a healthy, balanced meal.  Ideally, it would be lunch that would be the “real” meal.  But I want to sit and eat with my family.  So for me, it will be dinner.  I am completely avoiding dairy and most grains for now.  I am drastically limiting my caffeine.  And I am grossing the kids out.  They think my food looks disgusting!

Here is the good news:  I feel like a new person.  It could totally be a placebo effect.  We will know in time.  But for now, I am sticking with it!  This morning was the first time in years that I could say I felt WELL.   By this afternoon, I was back to feeling not as hot.  But seriously, having any time at all to feel good is a huge blessing.  I am not hungry, I don’t feel deprived, and I can’t wait to keep it up.  It is just a few weeks of this hard core stuff, then I will add more foods back in.

Wanna join us?  Read the book, Clean.

Let me know if you do! You will NOT regret it.  Especially going in to the holidays.

Thank you, sweet friend.


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