27 Oct

Yep…I would say it is pretty official that I am in another flare.

1) I am soooo sleepy.  Just want to sleep all day.  I pulled into the garage last night and sat there for close to 5 minutes.  I was trying to convince myself not to fall asleep but to make it inside first.

2) Totally fuzzy brain.  It feels like someone turned a static station on and left it there.  I stop mid sentence b/c I don’t know how to finish.  I have forgotten to go places- like take Dani to her art class. I hit a curb in the ballet parking lot and popped my tire.  I have tried to e-mail people back and just start crying b/c I am so overwhelmed.  It took me an hour and a half to START home school today. I just sat here confused.  Needless to say, we only got through a small amount.  Luck is going to finish it with them when he gets home.  Sweet hubby of mine.

3) My face looks like a pre-teen. It is lovely.  Just lovely.

4) I have these sores on my scalp/top of forehead.  The doc says they are the Lupus sun spots.

5) PLEURISY.  Have I ever mentioned it is painful?  😉  It won’t go away.

6) I can’t really work out.  I feel like I am gonna pass out.  At Pilates training this weekend, well…lets just say I could not finish b/c of the pain from pleurisy and the emotion of my body giving out on me.  I am a finisher!  A go-getter!  A give-me-a-challenge-and-I-will-show-you-I-can-do-it-….er.    So it was beyond humbling to be there (having paid a lot of money, nonetheless!) laying on the floor crying.

Fortunately, I know this flare will pass….just like last time.  And I am sure Prednisone will be started in the next day or so.  But in the meantime, I am gonna drop out of life for a little while.  I have been saying no to stuff, backing out of commitments, seeming flaky, etc…

BUT I WILL BE BACK!  So don’t get too comfy without me 😉  And please forgive me for not being dependable.


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