Pants on the ground, pants on the ground….

21 Oct

Did you know I have a secret?  Well, kind of.  My kids know and my hubby knows.  And a handful of other people know. But now I am sharing it.  But I will get to that later…

So, I went to a new doctor!  And I love, love, love, love, love him!!!!  He looked at my blood work, my symptoms, my history, etc… and then said, “Well, lets see…you have 7 out of the 11 diagnosing factors of Lupus.  I say this is a pretty easy diagnosis to make.”

He told me that he was gonna ramp up some of my meds.  And he told me if this did not work that we would switch to a chemo drug in a very low dosage.  He said that we will not stop until I am in remission.  Really?!?!  My last doc never even MENTIONED this!  And then once Lupus is in remission, we would start backing off the drugs and that he would only leave me on as much as necessary to keep the crappy stuff away.  His goal is to have me OFF OF EVERYTHING!  (side note: rheumatologists are not known for taking people OFF of drugs.  They are known for pushing more and more meds)

He said we are not looking for this to be a quick process.  But to hang in there and that I would eventually feel better.  Really?!?!  A day of feeling well?!  And maybe more than one?  I honestly can’t even dream that yet.  I have been feeling badly for so long that the idea of feeling WELL for more than an hour or two is too good to be true and I don’t want to get my hopes up.

So I am keeping my eyes fixed and my head on the road and following the doctor’s orders.

He also said he would get me back to working out as hard as I want.  Yeehaw!  Maybe I can’t do another half marathon or tri b/c they are outside and well, the sun and I don’t get along, but I can find new goals!

Prednisone.  Ahhhh, Prednisone.  He is keeping me on and off it.  Said that it was necessary for now.  We will use it when I flare.  And he said that the reason I have gained weight on it is b/c it changes my insulin levels telling my body to store fat.  He told me to go easy on myself and that once he gets me through this that we could THEN work on that part.

He also confirmed that yes, my chest pains are pleurisy.  And there is nothing- that is right- NOTHING we do about it.  I just have to endure.  For the record, pleurisy is inflammation of the wall of my chest.  It hurts.  Hurts.  I recommend you don’t ever get it.

Okay, getting long winded (this is more for my own personal record, sorry).  Now to my secret!

I can’t keep my pants on!  Really!  For a good number of years, I walk in my door, literally, and unbutton my pants.  Or take them off.  My kids are VERY used to my belt dangling and my pants being wide open. Luck says that someday they will be too old for me to walk around like that 🙂 I also often make a b line to my room and put on pj pants.

About two or three weeks ago, Luck and I pulled up to our house and I was ripping at my pants (I know, sounds different from what it is!).  In exasperation I said, “Why am I the only person who can’t seem to wear pants???  I HATE them! They hurt me!”

So fast forward to the doc appt and he starts poking my abdomen.  I told him it was tender and he said my pleurisy is actually all throughout my whole abdominal wall!  I told him my pants issue and he said, “Don’t worry!  It is just the pleurisy!”

Can I even explain how NOT crazy that made me feel?  Yay for the small things 🙂


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