Mission Accomplished!

8 Oct

It has been nearly SIX months since my sweet girl and I have been gluten free.  That is a looooong time for this food lover to go without flour.  I have experimented with baking here and there, but avoided one thing this entire time.  I was scared of what I would turn out.  I could not handle losing my dear treat forever.

The chocolate chip cookie.

To me, the choc chip cookie is home.  It is family time in the kitchen, it is working together, it is a sweet smell, it is patience while they cool, and it is sharing the love.  I have many memories of childhood and the chocolate chip cookie.  My mom’s were always WAY better than anyone’s!  I usually don’t even think they are worth eating unless they look like hers.  And don’t even go there with premade ones.  As much as I love homemade cookies is as much as I detest store bought ones.  I am just a cookie snob!

Several times I have literally taken the ingredients out to make them and chickened out and put them all back.  I seriously didn’t think I could handle never having another GOOD one as long as I live.

So I pulled out our secret family recipe.  (Also known as the recipe on the back of Tollhouse semi-sweet chocolate chips.)  And I used my gluten free magic!  (Also known as following the directions exactly…EXCEPT substituting equal parts gf oat flour for regular flour)  🙂

And just like that, SUCCESS!!!  They taste just like the traditional ones!  Both kids loved them.  I love them.  Lucky ate them for dinner while lying in bed with a migraine :(.  He loved them!  They are not “gluten free good”, they are the real deal good!

Share the good news with those gluten free peeps of yours.  It is a day to celebrate!

From the pic below, I think you can see what they thought 🙂  And yes, Reid is still in pj’s.  So am I.  We got up today, did homeschool, played all day, I took a shower, and then put my pj’s back on.


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