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15 Sep

I took two naps today, before 2pm.  I am preeeetty impressed with my abilities to sleep!  And the kids’ sweet spirits to LET me!  Though Reid DID talk his way through my first…

If you read my FB, you will know what he said to me during that nap.  He came up and whispered, “Mom, do you now what my favorite clothes are?  Naked.  And boxers and undershirts.”  Oh, future wife:  I am doing my best!!!  I promise!

I don’t post much about homeschool, but today, despite extreme fatigue, we had a great day.  Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but I am really liking teaching the kids!  And the balance of this school with homeschool is perfect.  True homeschoolers (the ones who would say homeschool is the ONLY way, not my friends who just know it is right for THEIR family)  see this school as a half breed.  But for me, it is great.  I get to help teach things I had forgotten all about.  Such as prepositions and objects of prepositions.  And I get to see the light of understanding come on!  And we made a coup stick today!  I would not make the kids do projects if I was a homeschooler. I am just waaaay too lazy.  But this forces us to do those extra things.

And YET…I get two days off every week!  Oh, glorious days off.  How I love having time to myself.  Nobody to worry about.  If I want to go home and lay on the couch and watch E!, I can!  If I want to go in a store and try on clothes, I can.

So while our little school is sort of a misfit of sorts….regular schoolers still clump us with the homeschoolers and homeschoolers see us as schoolers…it is great for our family.  Our long term plan is to go into the public school system.  But for now, we would not want to do it any other way.  We have done private, are doing home/private, and will do public.  I have no judgments about what YOU choose!  I hear a lot of venom spewed toward other peoples’ choices and that makes me sad.  The bottom line is to do what is right for YOUR family.  And keep your comments, if they are rude, to yourself!  We all have a unique path!


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