5 Sep

So, I think I am in another flare.  I had suspected over the last month that since I was able to go back to a mostly normal life (just a slower pace, and a more confused brain) that I was probably out of the last one.  I still napped every day.  And in general took it easy.  But I was not sleeping all day and having a temp.

But Friday.  Oh Friday.  It came and I never really made it out of bed/off the couch.  Except for, as my previous post talks about, dinner.  Fortunately, the kids are at great ages and were angels.  They actually had a great day with me out of their hair not telling them chores and school stuff to do. So they just played together all day long.

Yesterday, I helped throw a shower and by the time I was driving home, I could feel that old, familiar feeling.  Eyes burning.  Body aching.  NOOOO!!  My fevers are back.  My thermometer confirmed it.  I slept the rest of the afternoon then went on a great date with Luck to a tapas bar.  Still felt crappy, but we enjoyed some Sangria, paella, meats and cheeses, artichokes, random other things, and of course flan and cheesecake.  After that we went to Borders.  I ended up looking at Lupus books.  They always make me feel so much better.  The authors are almost speaking for me.  Blood tests that come up positive and then negative, fatigue that you can’t explain, feeling crappy yet looking normal and not “sick”, frustrated b/c doctors can’t really help you all THAT much, etc…  But they all say the same thing, “Only YOU know YOUR body.  Listen to it and keep pursuing feeling well.  Don’t let any person, doctor, anything slow you down from fighting until you are better.”

Today, I could not make it off the couch.  I have been here ALL day.  Fever all day long.  Fatigue that I just can’t shake.  Stomach ache.  And of course, confusion.  But fortunately, I got to take the whole day and rest.  I am so blessed that I have a husband here who takes the kids when I am sick.  My sweet friend, Jillian, is doing this battle alone.  She helps me keep perspective.  She is a full time teacher and a mom to a precious 5 year old. Jillian, I am so proud of you!!!!

So, how I am gonna school the kids while in a flare…this will be a new experience.  I just hope that I don’t need to get on more prednisone to make it go away.  I am so tired of gaining weight.

And that is my update for now!  Still curious why my sweet friends even read this…but your prayers are so appreciated.  And as always, I like to know what is going on with YOU.  So let me know!


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