Allergies, allergies, allergies!

18 Aug

I just called my allergist.  I have been tested many times throughout my life.  Each time, they say the same thing, “Your past tests cannot be correct.  I need to re-test you.  Nobody is allergic to EVERYTHING.”  So in different cities with different tests, I have endured the process.  Sometimes through blood work.  Sometimes on the back.  Sometimes on the arms.  One time I was so severely allergic to everything that my arms both swelled so large they looked deformed.  I had to take steroids to get the reaction under control.  That was fun.  They kept calling people in to come and see my reaction.  They had never seen anything like it.

Here is a long story…I put it in indentions if you want to skip it!  🙂

Another time, a few years ago, I started shots up again.  The doc said that they could give me a bunch of shots in one day, but that I would need to stay there for hours so they could monitor me.  This would allow me to more quickly get effects from the shots.

I went in, Luck stayed home with Reid, and I got a boat load of shots.  After several hours, I was doing fine.  So they sent me on my way and just said not to do anything strenuous.  It was a beautiful fall day.  We picked Dani up early from school and headed to the outlet malls to just stroll around.  At one point, Luck had to take a work call.  So I had Reid in the stroller and Dani stayed with him outside.  I was looking at kids clothing when all of the sudden, EVERYTHING itched.  MAD ITCHING.  Like one minute I was normal and one minute I wanted to shave my head b/c it felt like bugs were attacking me. So I pushed Reid’s stroller outside and found Lucky.  I started to feel something I have felt in the past but ignored.  The back of my tongue felt swollen. (anytime that happened in the past I just sucked on ice and hoped it was not an allergic reaction)  So we call my allergist and went in to Pottery Barn Outlet.  My doc told me to just call out loud for Benadryl.  I just started yelling it out.  A kind lady heard me and came to me and gave me one and told me she always carries one for this very reason (I now ALWAYS carry one).  I took two.  My doc told me to head to the ER.  Before doing so, I ran in to Starbucks to get a cup of ice to help the swelling of my tongue.

We got to the ER, but it was taking them too long to see me.  I was on the phone with my allergist the whole time.  He told me to leave there and go to the nearest Walgreens.  They had an epi pen waiting for me.  I ran in, grabbed it, and stabbed myself in the leg.  That was some serious pain!  I also bought more Benadryl and took it.  And kept sucking on ice.  We got in the car and headed back to SA.  On the way (still on the phone with my doc), we look back and Reid was choking on a treat we had bought them to keep them happy during this ordeal.  It was a Yogo.  He could not breath.  So on I-35, we pull over and Luck gets him out of his carseat.  By this point, it dislodged.  We buckle back up, and head back out.  You can imagine my emotions from having a shot of epiniphrine (an upper) and lots of Benadryl (a downer) and considering the circumstances!  Ha!

We get back to north San Antonio and have to pull in to a TX Med Clinic b/c it was happening again.  So I go in and get ANOTHER epinephrine shot.

The doc calls in steroids and I sleep it all off.  What fun, right?

Anywho…back to my real reason for posting!  So I know I have allergies.  I have always had stomach aches and generally felt like crap.  So why change how I eat if nothing seems to help?  So I cut out corn syrup b/c that was the one that I KNEW made me feel bad.  Until a few months ago, I ignored the rest.  Now I am corn and wheat free.  Surely autoimmune diseases can’t be helped by eating things that will make your body react??

Luck has been wanting me to find out from the allergist what all I was allergic to at my most recent test.  For foods….here is the list:

Corn, wheat, soy, peanuts (those 4 we knew) and NOW…..milk, egg whites, and egg  yolks. 

I don’t know how I would/if I should cut them out. My rheumatologist said to cut them out if they make me feel bad.  How am I supposed to know?  I feel bad every day.  I have never had a day in my entire life where I did not have a stomach ache.  

 Hmmmmmmm. What to do?   On one hand it seems stupid to NOT cut them out.  On another hand it seems crazy TO cut them out.  That leaves me with next to nothing to eat!

I don’t even know how to end this post.


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