11 Aug

Is that a word?  Because that is what I am gonna do.

I am going to give it up.  I spend too much time with and am too drawn to this stupid thing.  I am going to have some hours I am allowed on it.  But that is it.  I won’t read all of the FB updates.  I won’t be up to date on blogs.  And guess what?  I will survive!

I think I have convinced myself that I NEED to know what is happening all around me.  And the cost?  My kids.  I think I probably give more attention to this dumb thing than I do to them.  What kind of messed up priorities do I have?

I went to our parent training yesterday.  I left with my eyes literally rolling in to the back of my head.  I was convinced there was NO way I could co-teach.  They want us READING outloud to our kids and getting them to lay in the grass and study the world around them and do neurodevelopmental exercises with them.  Oh, and do math drills and grammar and history, geography, science, Bible memory, poem memorization, and on and on and on.  What?  How am I supposed to do that?

I know how!  By making them my priority.

So here is to a new leaf.  I will still e-mail of course and will FB.  And keep up with this silly blog. But my time will be drastically less on the computer.  And it will NOT be during homeschool hours.  Mon and Wed mornings are for sure off limits.

If my good hours are in the mornings, those hours will be for them. Our school is so amazing.  I can’t believe the education I get to help give them.  So exciting.

I am grateful that God has convicted me of this.  I am sorry for all of the time I have devoted to a stupid THING.  I want to change and make it right.  And it starts NOW!


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