I don’t believe it!

9 Aug

No really, I don’t.  I have a problem.  I am just going to come right out and admit it and you may then join the rest of the world in knowing that I am weird.

I don’t believe I have anything medical.  Ever.  I can get the flu and within a few days question my sanity and whether I had it or if I just made it up.

And here is the problem with that:  I often quit taking medication.  When I was young, I did it with my asthma meds.  I do it every so often with my stomach meds.  I even, er, do it with my depression meds.  Yeah…those you REALLY should not mess with.   Granted I only take a half of a small dose every day.  But that half dose makes a world of a difference in my ability to function.  Especially when I stop taking it b/c I never really “needed” it.  Or something like that.

I am going strong on day 4 of my new regimen and guess what?  I almost did not take the stuff.  I actually had myself convinced that I really am just lazy and that the doc really did not think I had Lupus but was scared to tell me that I am crazy.

And there you have it.  Fortunately, my very sane husband told me that no doctor would prescribe medicine for a disease that he did not think I had.  And then I remembered that the thermometer does not lie and blood tests do not lie.  So I will keep taking the stuff.

It is like I am the opposite of a hypochondriac.  Rather than thinking I have everything, I think I have nothing.  Does that make me a hypERchondriac?  Or just weird.  Yeah, I think that might be the bottom line.


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