Lupus. Yes, Indeed.

6 Aug

My new rheumatologist was thorough and good.  He, Lucky, and I could laugh together at some of my crazy symptoms.  He spent a long time hearing about my past before looking at any labs.  He wanted to make an assessment without any other doc’s influences.

After that, he looked at labs and other doctor’s note.

Yes, I have Lupus.  This is a hard diagnosis to get, by the way.  It takes years and years to get it.  I have met many people who “almost” had it.  I was more than relieved to know that I was not in that gray area and that he could indeed name it and treat it.

He was encouraged by my lab work.  He felt that as of now, my organs are not in danger!!  Yeehaw!

As far as how crappy I feel, well, to put it bluntly, he said that I need to accept it.  He said that the person I was 3 years ago is long gone.  I will never be that gal again.  He said that from here on, I can be realistic and expect and aim to be get back to 75%.  That will be our goal.

He said to get used to napping and sleeping a lot.  He said that in spite of everything I used to do, I need to now get used to saying no.  I need to cut back in life.  For good.

And I need to teach less.  Or at least less of the classes I am currently teaching.  Even though it is not the wisest financial decision with our current situation, Luck and I have invested some money in getting me Pilates certified.  I will start that late September.  He loved that idea.  For now, I will drop one of my Body Pump classes.  That way I am teaching Pump twice and Boot Camp twice per week.  Time of the day-wise, it would be better to drop a boot camp…but that class is my baby!  I started it and it is packed and I LOVE teaching it.  Plus, it keeps me pushing to limits that I wouldn’t without it.  Then in October, I will add in some Pilates classes.

I am now taking Plaquenil.  It is an anti-malaria drug!  They found years ago that malaria patients with Lupus were getting better on this!  So now it is a Lupus drug.  He said it would be 6 weeks before I would feel better and that this would hopefully get me to that 75%-of-normal place.  He also way upped my Prednisone that I will taper off of and stay on until Plaquenil kicks in. All in hopes of knocking out my fever and symptoms. And he put me on 4 natural supplements.  I will be going to Costco today to get on them.  🙂

I need to run now to go teach…I am sure I will write more on this as things come up.  I am encouraged by the lack of organ involvement.  I pray that remains.  I am saddened to know that 75% is our GOAL.  I just want a day of feeling “good”.  I miss good!  I miss a clear brain and a not tired body.  It gets hard and days get long.  I get depressed and cry.  My self esteem is in the dumps…especially when I am at the end of the day.  You can pray for that.  Pray for me to see myself as my Creator sees me.  And as my husband sees me…he is so precious.  I don’t want to let myself go b/c I feel that nothing helps.  I want to hold my head up and move forward.

Also, I think that maybe getting me back to 75% will help me with all of that.  Months of feeling this crappy has probably clouded my thinking.  And don’t think for a second that I am not praying to feel BETTER than 75%!  But for now, baby steps.

Sure do love y’all!  I have the best friends in the world.  There is NO doubt about it.


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