Lucky Wins!

6 Aug

Why would I think differently?  He knows me best!  Of course he would win the name-that-blog game!

My ENTIRE life has been one constant theme….”well, what you have is an atypical presentation of ….whatever”!  Allergies.  I am allergic to 100% of the things tested for. However, do I sneeze? No!  Do my eyes water?  No!  I just get tired.  Atypical presentation.  Story of my life.

When the doctor yesterday told me that I do, indeed, have Lupus, but that it was an atypical presentation of the symptoms, Lucky and I looked at each other and smiled.  We knew what the other was thinking.  Of COURSE it is an atypical presentation!  It is ME we are talking about! (side note…the doc felt this is why it took so long to get the diagnosis. Prob the kidney issues would have normally sent us this route…but my other symptoms didn’t line up.  Yep…b/c they are atypical.)

So there you have it.  Atypcial Presentation.  Of symptoms.  Of my point of view.  Of life.  As he so wisely puts it, “Even your weird stuff is weird.”

Thanks, Luck!  You rock.


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