What would you do?

29 Jul

So, if you were averaging 7 exercise classes a week and eating very healthfully, please tell me what you would do.

The Prednisone has definitely made me pack on some lbs.  Only 2 weeks, and I am just plain chubbier.  Not huge fat…just chunkier.  (gross word, right)

Now remember, I can’t eat corn or gluten (wheat).  So it is not like my options are very large to begin with.

So here is my question…would YOU:

1) Starve yourself to avoid any extra weight?

2) Keep eating as healthy as always, and still allow yourself healthy dessert options?

3) Feel sorry for yourself b/c you are gaining weight without your control and therefore, eat more?

Because my MIND tells me that I am a hardcore #1.

My sad heart tells me I am a hardcore #3.

Yet I find myself as a #2.

The problem is that I feel guilty now when I have something like a glass of wine or coconut milk ice cream.  Like somehow I no longer deserve the fun, finer things in life.

People keep telling me I can control this disease if I just eat right.  *sigh*  I would love to know what right is for me.


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