Cut the CORN!

22 Jul

Today is my first day of being corn free.  I am allergic to both wheat and corn (and soy…but I hardly ever eat soy).  I typically don’t avoid them.  3 or 4 months ago, I gave up wheat (and all gluten) in an attempt to feel better.  Once I knew I had an autoimmune disease, I gave it up for good. It is certainly not advisable to eat something you are allergic to when your body is already attacking itself.  But I ignored the corn.

I had a fabulous dinner out with 2 friend last night at Chuy’s.  We drank margaritas, ate chips, and I consumed an amazing thing called the Chica Chica Boom Boom.  If you don’t know what it is, go to Chuy’s and eat it.

I came home with what I refer to as a corn stomach ache.  I get it all the time.  When you don’t eat wheat, guess what you eat?  All.  The.  Time.  Especially living in SA, we eat our fair share of Mexican food.  And not just eating out.  We have tostadas weekly.  And what is a weekend without some chips and guacamole?

So I decided not to be irresponsible anymore.  If I am allergic to corn, it is high time I stop eating it.  No, I don’t want to.  Will it help me feel better?  I certainly hope.  I want to give my body the best chance possible of HEALING.

What will I eat, you say?  I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!  Lots of brown rice, which I already do.  Lots of veggies and fruit.  Again, I do.  Oats.  And all the proteins and dairy I want.  How will I eat out?  Not really sure!

Warning:  Gonna vent here!  Don’t read if you don’t want to hear it!

I am trying to not be annoyed at how little I can eat, how much I exercise, and yet how I keep gaining weight.  Skinny people, hear this:  It may have something to do with how you eat…but you are BLESSED, genetically!  Blessed!  Enjoy it and please, please, please don’t look down at those struggling with weight and assume it is b/c the are lazy or have no discipline!


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