My future’s so bright….

21 Jul

Yep, thats right.  I gotta wear shades.

And a hat.  And sunscreen.  And pretty much be covered head to toe in the sun.  It is really cool looking,  right????

Here is the deal:  I have always sorta felt like a fraud wearing hats.  In my mind, hats are for the young or the really cute.  I have felt the need to excuse why I am wearing one.  Like, I just showered and did not have time to dry my hair.  Or I just worked out and need to run somewhere.  Or I am going to the pool.  But not, I am so cute, I need to wear a hat!  (see how weird I am?)

My sun sensitivity is off the charts!  My eyes kill me in the sun.  And evidently, you stay totally out of the sun if you have Lupus.  Being in the sun can actually send you in a flare.  Even if you manage to make it through that time out, you will pay for it later.  I don’t have skin spots from the sun.  Or the butterfly rash.  Yet.  Lets hope it stays that way!  But for some reason, the sun and Lupus are not friends.

The crazy part is that fluorescent lights can do it, as well.  Sometimes I will yawn profusely if I am in big time fluorescent lighting settings.  Or I will have major brain fog.  Once I walk out of that room, my sanity returns.  Well, MY version of sanity, that is!

So if you see me looking like I am going on a safari, just know that I know it is not the most fashionable look.  But it is MY new look!  Maybe someone will like it and it will catch on?  Or maybe my kids will just be embarrassed by me and learn to live with it?  Who knows!

And one more note…I am not feeling sorry for myself if you see me huddled in the shade alone.  If I DO go outside, it needs to be in the shade.  Even if all the cool kids are having fun in the sun, I will be chilling solo.  No worries, I would rather be outside and WITH my kids than inside and WITHOUT them.


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