Where am I?

16 Jul

Evidently, my body thinks I am in 13.  My face has not broken out this badly in many, many years.  My face is also very puffy and swollen.  Lovely.  Just what you want when you are feeling crappy on the inside!  My hair is falling out, my face is broken out, I am totally puffy and fat b/c I am retaining water, I have fever all of the time, I am getting sores in my mouth making talking hard, and I forget everything!

Please, if you see me, don’t think I am just letting myself go.  I am fighting and trying my best to remember who I am.  I am not what I look like on the outside.  My worth does not come from how I look.  I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  I have to keep reminding myself of that, b/c if I look in the mirror, I feel quite opposite.

It is, after all, ONLY Lupus.  While this post may not seem like I am grateful, I am.  I have a much softer spot in my heart now for those dealing with fatal illnesses.  I am very blessed.


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