15 Jul

Symptoms today:  Very, very shaky.  As if I have had nothing to eat.  Only I have eaten normally.  Made it home for the afternoon at noon and fed the kids lunch.  Fell on the couch.  Finally managed at 1 to get myself something to eat.  Fell asleep and had Dani wake me up at 3 so that I can go teach Boot Camp.  My hands prune in a few seconds of water.  My body aches.  I have been nauseated and my brain in is an extreme fog.  Words are slipping from me.  I am planning multiple things at the same time/day.  When I teach, I go to cue the next move and I can’t think of the words.

This is not complaining…just documenting how I am doing.

In really good news, the other day I took the kids and ran errands.  We got the oil changed, went to HEB, bought a gift, and dropped something off.  It was awesome to have a day where I actually got something done!! It gave me hope that this flare was ending.  Only I think that overdoing it that day caused me to have hard days yesterday and today.  Live and learn!

Another good thing: I have been lifting my normal weight in BodyPump!  I am NOT gonna let this take my strength!!!!!


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