Feeling Green?

15 Jul

Trying to get some veggies in your kids?  You?

Try this for your morning starter:

1 cup-ish frozen blueberries

1/2 cup-ish frozen loose leaf spinach

2 cups-ish good quality yogurt

1 cup-ish milk

2 tsp-ish coconut oil

Blend well in a blender and serve with a straw.  You can totally play with this and add what you have on hand.  I absolutely guessed at the amounts.  If your yogurt is unsweetened, add some agave or honey to balance the tartness.  Try any berries.  They will never know there is spinach in it.  It is fun to let them guess the ingredients.  You can also add some ground flax or oat bran. This is also a great way to use up any bananas you need to use.  I was out of bananas today. 😦 The coconut oil makes the shake more filling and more nutritious!  Plus, the flavor it lends is unbeatable.

This is my version of going green.  I am not so good at the other.  🙂


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