14 Jul

When we bought our house, just 5 months ago, things fell into place in am amazing way.  We found a house we loved, put in a low offer, and it was accepted.  So we had one week to get our house under contract and sell it.  It had to be done before the option period was up on the house we wanted.  Amazingly, it was under contract in one day.  Somehow, we sold high and bought low.  And did I mention it is ON MY PARENT’S STREET???  We managed to get a newer, a bigger house, that was the place we could imagine ourselves in forever.  And all for a lower monthly payment!  Crazy, right?

We took some flack over buying on my parent’s street.  Some people were obvious about how they felt about it.  Some people were not.  They would act like they thought it was a good idea and then we would hear things they said when we were not there.  But no matter, it is where WE want to live!  My parents happen to be the best parents on earth!  So who would not want to live near them?!?!  🙂  Funny thing is we don’t actually see them any more than we used to.  But they are there when we need them.  And I love that the kids get to grow up on their street!

As it all fell in to place, I kept saying that I felt like God was putting us here for a reason. My friends would tell me not to rob God of the blessings he was giving.  Not to be a kill joy.  But I was not.  I had a peace inside that we needed to live here.  That something was going to happen and we would need to be close.  I did not know that within 3 months, it would be ME that would need the help.

I am so grateful for God’s provision.  I am so blessed by a mom who cares for me and Michelle in the sweetest, most selfless way.  She is the mom you want to tell your heart to.  She is the mom that will encourage your dreams.  She is the mom that will give you a dose of reality when it is most needed.  I am also blessed by a dad who is here for us.  He is the go-to when I need help with the kids.  And he will make a run to Costco or HEB, just so I don’t have to.  Both of them love all 3 of their grandkids with the most precious love.  It is a protective, SELFLESS, true, fun, spoiling love.

They are the reason we wanted to live here.  God provided for us before we even knew we needed it.  I am so grateful.


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