A friend, in deed.

9 Jul

I just need to give a little shout out to some friends.  One came to boot camp yesterday. When I knew I should pull back but did not want to…she came up to me and told me to save my spoons.  So wise, so true.  And I did.  It was exactly what I needed to hear.  And I had a good evening because of it.  (if you don’t know what i am talking about, click on the post below that has a link a the top of it.)

I was very discouraged last night b/c I could not do the class. I went to bed feeling like a lazy, fat loser.  (I realize I could modify that statement to sound a little better…bit this is truth.)

Today, I woke up with new determination.  NOTHING was gonna stop me today. I needed to make it through my class full out today to prove to myself that I was not giving in.  I am fighting! I know my source of strength!

I did BodyPump with my regular, heavy weights.  Another sweet friend parked herself RIGHT in front of the stage.  I felt her eyeballs on me the entire class.  When I was struggling, and that was often, I would glance at her and know that I could do this.  She encouraged me at the end of a really hard track with our favorite “be strong” verse..inspired by our kids.  I will forever picture our kids signing Joshua 1:9 at VBS when they were oh so little.  In fact, it is the same thing that got her through her first triathlon just 2 months ago.

Thank you, Gretchen and Jennifer.

Today I am overwhelmed with gratitude that it is just Lupus that I am dealing with.  I get to live!  I may have a modified life, but I have LIFE!


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