Learning the hard way.

8 Jul

Yesterday, the kids and I spent the morning running around with Lucky’s mom and grandmother.

By dinner time, I was wiped out and sweating profusely.  Everyone else at the table was fine.  I eventually had to get up and leave b/c I was just burning up.  My body can’t seem to cool itself down anymore and I overheat regularly.

I went to the kitchen and started doing dishes.  Lucky came in and looked at me and said, “Let me take over.”  I said, “No, I can do this.”  He then, very wisely said, “Brittany, is this worth it?”  He COULD have meant was it worth it for me to keep pushing myself b/c I was tired.  But we both KNEW.  That was not what he meant.  See, he realized that the only reason I was doing the dishes was b/c his mom and grandmother are in town.  I was doing them so that they would think that their son/grandson was not getting stuck with some worthless, lazy wife.  Call it what it was. Pride.  Within a few minutes of doing them, everyone was involved in putting the kids’ new bikes together.  Nobody noticed that for me, the world stopped.  My sweating became out of control and the room went bright white.  I could no longer think or function.  So for about five minutes, I stood with my head down against the sink.  I was praying that I would know what to do.  I was too weak to call for anyone.  Ironically, the only person who noticed was Reid.  GREAT.  He ran over to me.  Told me something awesome about his kickstand, then ran back.  HE DID NOT EVEN NOTICE THAT I COULD NOT STAND OR LOOK AT HIM!  Ha!!  I love that guy!

When the room got quiet, I eventually called Lucky’s name.  Dani heard and ran to me and started rubbing my back.  She went and got Luck.  They got me to the floor and then we were ALL in the kitchen.  I had ice packs on my neck and everyone was working to cool me off.  Poor, sweet Abuela!  I thought the whole situation might put her in to cardiac arrest. If you know her, you will understand why.  She is 85 and spends the majority of her life worrying. She is precious.  She was mumbling things in Spanish about my blood pressure and temperature.

It was completely embarrassing.  And all b/c I can’t seem to figure out what I am doing, how to cool myself off, and when to check my pride at the door and lay down.

I learned the hard way.


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