Well, crap.

7 Jul

I am struggling today.  I have to fight off tears.  Today was very difficult to teach my class.  I had to put my bar down (in BodyPump, you don’t walk around the room…you do all of the moves with everyone).  The room kept going bright white and I was worried I was gonna pass out.

Logic may be to walk away from this torture to my body.  But my doc recommended I keep at it.  He felt like if I slow down now, I will never gain it back.  But the hard part is that stress on the body can make Lupus worse.

Will someone please tell me what to do?  I am not trying to be stupid.  Lupus can attack your heart and lungs.  No better way to ward that off than with exercise.

For now, I will keep teaching, keep pushing, keep seeking wisdom from the only true source.  Pray for me, friends.


One Response to “Well, crap.”

  1. leslie November 21, 2012 at 11:42 am #

    My life right now! I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog!

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